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Civilized Adventures has contributed to the work we are doing in Madagascar, and is committed to helping build sustainable forest communities in Madagascar. They have provided funding to plant 10,000 trees in Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar. This forest restoration will help conserve habitat for lemurs, the most endangered animal group in the world, while also providing resources for local local communities of people living in the park. We are very excited to partner with Civilized Adventures. In August of 2019, they will be offering a tour of Madagascar hosted by our Director, Travis Steffens, to see the incredible wildlife unique to that island (click here for more info). If you are interested in this trip or starting your own adventure you can contact Civilized Adventures directly (details below).


Phone: 1.800.688.1804


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Micah Rimer

I met Micah while leading a tour in Southern Africa. He and his friend Caprice were super engaged in all things African and he decided to help support the work we do through a sizeable donation to Planet Madagascar. Thanks Micah!

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