Community members of Maevatanimbary, Andranohobaka, and Ambarindahy

Planet Madagascar is a Community Conservation organization at its very core. All of our projects are implemented by Malagasy community members from the communities where we work. We employ community members as part of our fire management patrol team, our forest restoration team, and through a dynamic agroforestry co-operative we helped establish. We employ additional community members to cut and maintain our system of firebreaks, collect seeds, run tree nurseries, and to plant seedlings. We also work closely with community leaders (e.g. the Presidents of the communities) to implement our fire management, forest restoration, women’s development, and education programs.

The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is one of Canada’s leaders in protecting endangered species. They have committed to help Planet Madagascar conserve endangered lemur species through investment in a lemur monitoring program and a sustainable agriculture based women’s cooperative. Their commitment to our work will help us build sustainable forest communities in Madagascar.


Madagascar National Parks

Planet Madagascar runs all of its projects in a Ankarafantsika National Park in Northwest Madagascar. Because this is a protected area, we have a formal accord of collaboration with Madagascar National Parks (MNP). MNP has been highly supportive of our projects, providing us with staff support and permits.


Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE)

Based out of Antananarivo, Madagascar, ICTE provides Planet Madagascar with incredible advisory support to help us design and implement our projects. They also provide technical support to our implementing partner Planet Madagascar Association.

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Seed Madagascar

Seed Madagascar is a UK charity that whose mission is "To enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organisations and governmental bodies in fulfilling sustainable development and conservation goals in southeast Madagascar." We are proud to partner with Seed Madagascar as their goals tightly align with our own. We look forward to many years of productive collaboration.


Lemur Conservation Network

We are a proud member of the Lemur Conservation Network (LCN). "The Lemur Conservation Network unites over 50 conservation organizations working to protect over 100 species of lemurs across their island home in Madagascar. We aim to implement the crucial lemur survival action plan, protect lemur habitat, and save lemurs from extinction."

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