Livelihoods Surveys


Planet Madagascar believes that successful conservation and development projects are founded on high-quality information. We developed the surveys to help us understand the issues facing the residents and how they wanted conservation and development to occur within their community. We also learned how the community members perceive forest and lemur conservation to better inform our conservation programs. We continue to engage with the community through the surveys but also through stakeholder and casual meetings. The information we gather is used to direct our future projects and provides a baseline with which to compare future surveys. We are encouraged by the community members support of our work and hope to continue providing projects that improve their lives.  

Women's Cooperative

Nursery workers.JPG

In 2017 we helped create a new women's cooperative focussed on sustainable agroforestry and forest restoration. We plan to focus our projects through this women's cooperative to provide greater benefits to the community and conservation of lemurs. We plan to expand from sustainable agroforestry and forest restoration to other projects including sanitation, women's health, and education.