Presentations and Education Events

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Imagine crossing the ocean and seeing land in the distance. Your boat arrives on shore as the sun begins to set and you hear a haunting cry come from the forest, then another, and another. Sounds of the spirits of the dead erupt from the forest. You have reached a new world an island of lemurs a place we call Planet Madagascar. Let us show you the Marvels of Madagascar with one of our engaging public talks or education events. You'll find that young and old alike are mesmerized by the sights and sounds of this amazing country. We will not only share with you the marvels of Madagascar but also the plight facing the unique biodiversity of the island and what we can do to help save Madagascar. 

We have given presentations to numerous public and private schools, zoos, travel and exploration clubs, conservation groups, and volunteer organizations in Canada and abroad. We have run education events at the Royal Ontario Museum through their Partners in Protection program and at the Toronto Zoo for Lemur awareness week. 

Contact Planet Madagascar to have us come and give a presentation or run an education event centred around  Madagascar Biodiversity and how to conserve it.

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